My name is Ros and I am the CEO and founder of BaksttoBlack. I am married, with three children and have a beautiful dog!


I have spent years looking at designs and what is out there for the modest elegant woman. I started to look into dresses as this is something I love to wear.


I looked at the European and US- style and founded a focus group of six women who spent time with me deciding what they wanted to see and wear. They wanted modern feel combined with clean lines, simplicity at its highest. Mostly they wanted one stylish dress to wear for day wear and also for evening wear. ​



I chose to work with Revital Avidar - she has been sewing clothes since she was fourteen and is an amazingly talented lady. Revital has studied fashion design, textiles , everything really!  Revital has owned her own shop in Antwerp, Belgium making her own brand and cutting and sewing garments in the workspace behind the shop.


Revital and I are totally different and we complement each other perfectly. Two different sets of skills working together to create the perfect dresses for you.



I have used “real women” to model my dresses. Great ladies,  some of who have been part of BaksttoBlack since the very beginning.


I would also like to thank all my advisors, accountant, website designers, my fab photographer Laura my close friends and most of all my husband and my children who have supported and helped throughout. BaksttoBlack is forever growing and I'm delighted to have on board my daughter Mia who will be in charge of the customer support team.

Why black first?


Majority of women do love black and I am one of them. In my insecure days,  I turned to black and I actually believe every woman should have that “little black dress” in their closet. Thinking ahead, we will be offering our "Lisa - colour block brand."


If you wish to have the dress made in a colour, please contact us.

My daughter - Mia


Mia got married in May and has helped me build the business. Mia will take over customer support emails and already helps run my social media. Being the only daughter, of course, the first dress is called "Mia." Every day she challenges me to think big and is a wonderful source of inspiration. There is  nothing like having a daughter to work together with. My true blessing.​